About SANT- IT Technical Services

SANT-IT provides the much needed tech support for your devices. SANT-IT is an independent provider and on-demand tech support expert. We are not affiliated with any third party brand. Just make a call now to get instant access to SANT-IT Tech Experts for multiple brands of PCs, software and other connected devices. SANT-IT is All in One Solution Provider for All of Your Tech Needs.

  • Security & Virus

    Get your computer secured by installation advanced antivirus, anti-malware etc.
  • Printer Setup & Installation

    Help on "printer driver installation", "printer network setup", "errors while printing documents".
  • Email Issues

    Email send & receive issues fixed with experienced techs around the globe. Get more ideas to enhance email usage.
  • Microsoft Office

    Got new Microsoft Office version? Lest us help you in resolving most common issues with Microsoft office.
  • Need Help

    Need Help! For Your Computer Help is Just A phone Call Away. Call santit now!
  • Free Anti Virus

    You’ll get the FREE Anti-Virus protection for 1 year for your computer.
  • Set-up & Install

    Computer support for set-up, installation & configuration of software and peripherals like Printers, MP3 Players, Digital Cameras, etc.
  • Diagnosis & Repair

    Instant access to Tech experts for troubleshooting and repair of PC, software applications & connected devices.
  • PC Optimization

    Double the speed of your PC with optimization & computer support for highest productivity while reducing your energy costs.
  • Virus & Spyware Removal

    Remove viruses & spyware, install security software & schedule scans to protect your data & online identity. Also we will provide you one of the Best Antivirus FREE OF COST.
  • Windows
  • cisco
  • Mac
  • netgear
  • compac
  • Linksys
  • dell
  • Hp
  • dlink
  • lenovo
  • acer
  • acer